Jenna here,

I graduated from CMCC with a degree in Graphic Communications. Aside from my thriving business, I work at Cousineau Wood Products as a photographer and graphic designer. I am so excited about the wealth of knowledge I've gained and continue to gain which will offer my clients skilled and quality attention to their needs and requests. I am thrilled to be able to add graphic design to my portfolio and services available.
I am professional, yet you’ll always catch me making funny faces and asking you to point at the one with smelliest feet to capture that perfect laugh. I thoroughly enjoy helping clients capture their special and intimate moments without feeling staged.

Bucket List

  • Explore Italy on a scouter
  • Ride a mule in the Grand Canyon
  • Successfully surf a wave
  • Impact lives
  • Session on a beach in Hawaii
  • Own a house on the water


  • Water in my crocs
  • Chocolate cake/ice cream
  • The sound of people chewing
  • Heights
  • Insects
  • Drowning

Things I can't live without

  • The warm sun
  • GOOD water
  • Loving clients
  • Friends/family
  • Breakfast food
  • Elton John music



Capturing the warmness of the sun, the true colors of nature, and your un-posed moments of life. Raw emotions. Candid shots. Real moments.

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